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In today's bustling online landscape, creators like you dedicate immense effort to crafting content that educates, entertains, and inspires. However, maintaining the momentum of your creative endeavors often hinges on community support. Enter the 'Ko-fi' plugin—a streamlined tool designed to integrate effortlessly with your Bludit website, empowering your fans to express their appreciation with a simple gesture.

Key Features
  • Customizable Support Buttons: Opt for a vibrant 'Ko-fi' image or a refined, modern button using Bootstrap styling. Adjust the button's color to harmonize with your website's design, ensuring it integrates smoothly or pops out to capture attention.
  • Adaptable Button Placement: Choose to display the support button in the sidebar for consistent visibility across your site, or position it below your posts to engage readers right when they are most connected to your content.
  • Custom Messages: Craft the message that appears below your posts. Whether you prefer a sincere thank you, a witty remark, or a straightforward call to action, you can tailor the text to resonate with your followers and boost contributions.

If you use multiple BluditLab plugins, we highly recommend downloading our Update Checker. This handy tool will automatically ensure that all our plugins and themes remain up-to-date, helping you maintain a secure and fully functional website with ease.

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