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Jr. Bludit
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Hi everyone,

I've just restarted my website after years of irritation with Wordpress so I built it in Bludit, in large part for the Markdown support. I find writing posts much faster using Markdown.

One annoyance with Markdown, however, is the images are just dumped into the middle of the text and I wanted my website to have a little more finesse where images were nicely embedded left, right or maybe as a nice strip.

I've now written a plugin that enables me to add some parameters to the alt part of the image markdown tag to position them nicely. Here's an example:

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![Image description {align=left,width=400px,margin=0 20px 20px 0}](image.jpg)
The key part here is the stuff in the curly braces: {align=left,width=400px,margin=0 20px 20px 0}

There's a few features at the moment - for example, instead of the parameters, you can supply a classname instead so it uses a definition from your CSS file (otherwise the style is applied as inline-styling for the image).

I don't know if this kind of thing is already supported in a plugin for Bludit but if not, and anyone is interested in this functionality, I'm happy to clean up my beta version, package it up and share it as a plugin. Please let me know if this interests anyone. I'm making it for my own use anyway.

I'm planning on adding some extra features (like nice looking coloured blocks - like the alerts in Bootstrap) and a YouTube embed tag that just requires the shortcode from a YouTube video.
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