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Running more than a dozend of WordPress websites since quite a few years, I wanted to try out Bludit to get some first hand experience of what is possible (and what not) with a really lightweight CMS. I was (and still am) quite impressed by the results of my first steps:


I'd use Bludit v3.13.1 right out of the box for small personal projects. I'd still be reluctant, however, to create websites with it for other people, be it friends or customers. The reason ist that when it comes to extra features, I'd have to confess that I'm not able to implement any bells and whistles. In WordPress, there are thousands of plugins to chose from for any conceivable purpose, so this is still the CMS of my choice when there is a possibility that I'm asked for more features in the future...

That being said, I won't hesitate to recommend Bludit right now for minimalistic projects with no need for sophisticated special functionalities. It is a great CMS in it's own class!

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