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Jr. Bludit
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is there any plugin available for bludit to make a paid membership?

for example, i have links in all post, and i want all external links to be hidden and swaped for a "PREMIUM CONTENT" button,

and have users to sign up and pay a membership, if they pay for example 1 month for 20$
they can see all the links when browsing the website,

also might be interesting to have a simple system to detect if the user is being loged from more than one IP at time, in case the system detects two logins, means the user shared his account and therefor the account gets banned automatically.

seems to difficult to program? anything available for bludit? i dont want switch to wordpress, i like bludit simplicity

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All available plugins for Bludit are listed in the official repository at

Bludit 4.0 will allow unlisted pages that can be opened only if the URL is known.

But there is no membership solution for Bludit at the time.
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