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Jr. Bludit
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Hi, this is my first forum post, I have been working for several months (But not everyday of course.) in a theme for Bludit called Pequenio.

This theme is actually a fork of https://github.com/bludit-themes/Micro which was mostly unmantained when I started making changes on it and used the MIT license.

I took the GPL license for my changes on that repo but kept the MIT license for the changes that come with Micro. (I think I can legally do it, but if not I will license under MIT.)

The reason which made me start hacking on that theme was a friend of Mastodon was using it for his personal blog and it had some problem I thought I could solve.

The theme is available at https://gitea.sergiotarxz.freemyip.com/ ... z/Pequenio

I tried to make it yet more minimalist (Micro was pretty much minimalist.) and also stripped down external resources while improving how the theme looked.

You can see a live demo at https://end-surveillance-capitalism.ser ... emyip.com/

It is in process of approval by themes-repository https://github.com/bludit/themes-reposi ... /101/files but I hope soon will be available on https://themes.bludit.com

I hope you enjoy my work you can post any issue with the theme here or in the gitea.
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