Cachy is incompatible with the search plugin

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Ssr. Bludit
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Update - found a soution:

In Bludit's settings under the advanced tab, the pages are set to "/" wich means articles are displayed in the frontend like:

change the "/" to something like "/articles/" (without the quotes). Articles will now be displayed as:

Doing so will make the search work with :
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Jr. Bludit
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my working solution is put new line like this , in the beginning of cachy3/plugin php script:

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if(!strpos((strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])), "search")){

 *  Cachy
 *  @package Bludit
 *  @subpackage Plugins
 *  @author PB-Soft - Patrick Biegel
 *  @copyright 2019 PB-Soft
 *  @version 3.1
 *  @release 2019-07-03
etc ...

and then,
close the script with a new

Code: Select all

in the very last line of cachy3/plugin.php script.

the search page running normally and the cachy plugin also running normally.

I hope someone will includes this trick into the cachy3 next release.
P.S :
I DO NOT change "page" setting in SETTING GENERAL ADVANCE URL FILTERS Advanced tab.
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