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Blekathlon is my personal favorite since it excels both in functionality and in visual appearance. That being said, I'd like to make a few propositions...

@ Bludit author:

I noticed that while some Bludit blogs using the theme feature a lightbox-like zoom function when clicking on images, others don't. I also found out why:

In the official Bludit theme repository, Blekathlon is currently available in version 3.8.1.

On the website of the theme author, Blekathlon can be downloaded in version 3.9.0.

The changelog tells us:

* Added Medium style Image Zoom to Article images.
* Search results are cached for one hour only.
* Downloads moved to Gumroad.
* Fixed issues with search.
Proposition: Ask for author's permission to update the theme in the repository!

@ Blekathlon author:

I use Blekathlon v3.9.0.

1. The links for article navigation ("Previous" / "Next") cannot be translated via the localization file, I had to hardcode the German expressions for the two strings in the page.php file ("Previous" = line 110, "Next" = line 128).

Proposition: In the next version, please include these two strings in the localization files.

2. Blekathlon comes with an off-canvas-menu that features a category listing on top of the installed plugin's output. I found the category listing to be visually incomplete (no headline at all), so I decided to remove it from the theme (by deleting lines 24 to 43 in the header.php file) and then adding the category listing WITH headline again by activating the category plugin. The result is much more pleasing to the eye, see my demo website at

Proposition: Provide a (translatable) headline for the category listing in the sidebar or remove it completely since the categories can be listed by using a standard plugin.

3. When trying to alter some colours, I realized that the style.min.css file is actually unreadable since there seem to be no line breaks in it at all. It is one loooooooooong line in every editor I tried to load it for modification tests.

Propositon: Please include line breaks and comments in style.min.css so that advanced users can make some CSS changes on their own.

@ Bludit author OR @ Blekathlon author (I'm not sure who is responsible here)

The magnifier search usually works fine. Exception: After renaming an article (by both changing the title and the permalink), the magnifier search finds matches in this article under it's old title and permalink, which means that when clicking on the found article you get an error 404. After publishing a new article, everything is fine again (and the renamed article is found under it's new name).

It seems to me that there exists a search index file which is updated when a new article is published but not when an existing article has been renamed.

Proposition: Update the search index also when an article has been renamed (title and permalink).

Thank you both for providing excellent work! :-)
Beste Grüße, / Best regards,
Ralph / /
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