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Jr. Bludit
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Hi. I'd like to make the homepage (initial page) static. In the top menu, I'd like a link to the Articles page. (I've made it that far.) Then I want pages (blog posts) to appear on the Articles page (my blogroll). When I add a page and make its parent /Articles (static) nothing appears on the Articles page and a link is created in the top menu.

I don't want the menu item there and I want my posts to appear on my Article page, which should be my blogroll.

I've gone into settings and I see that I can specify which page is the home page and which page is the error page, but how do I designate a page as the blog page?

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1) Define a static page as Homepage at "Settings" > "General" under the tab "Advanced" at "Predefined pages" (this activates the URL filter /blog/ for the blog).

2) Create a static page with the title "Blog" and save it.

3) Rename the page to "Article" (the friendly URL has still to be blog).

The renaming is necessary at the moment because there is a bug: Only /blog/ works as URL for the blog at the moment.
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