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do you have access to the logs ? I would like to see the php_error.log or from the web server.
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Sorry - the logs I can see has a very short span so when I looked right now I could onluy see from midnight yesterday (that was 11 hours ago) so maybe that's the maximum for me?!

I can (if I get the time this weekend) start over and do a new install, that will 'hopefully' fail and check the logs again after that

Edit: I did it right away instead :)
But (much to my satisfaction) I couldn't reproduce it again. The download link (the pink/red button) on worked perfectly to install in both sub and root.

Either I somehow got corrupted or broken files with my downloads yesterday, or there was an issue with my server (that only affected 3.9.x from homepage and not Github). :)
Everything seems ok as of now though.

PS. Really love the roadmap for 4.x
Also hoping to see theme 'future-imperfect' ready for +3 soon :)