My First Production Site Using Bludit

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I've been following Bludit for some time, and finally got around to using it for a production website. I still prefer building bespoke sites from scratch in a text editor - CotEditor in my case, but this time I wanted something I could deploy quickly with minimum tweaking using a back-end wysiwyg.

It's been very enjoyable to use, and I haven't come up against anything that set me scratching my head. One always has to think the way the developer has designed the underlying code, and workflow to get the best out of any CMS, and I've trialed dozens. Bludit gets top marks for speed, and ease of use. Above all I love the clean interface. This makes is super enjoyable to us.

Oh, and the site in question is
There remain a few tweaks to add, but overall I'm very satisfied with the results. Built upon Black++ by amerey.


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Looks great.
And since it's music-related, I can't help but be interested. :)
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