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Jr. Bludit
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Hello. has been very difficult to reach for days, with constant error messages from Cloudflare that the target host cannot be reached.

Are you working on the problem, is this known?

My ISP is Deutsche Telekom, but the problem also occurs via Telefonica o2-de.

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Thank you for informing about the issue. I will forward it to Diego, the developper of Bludit.
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So geht das doch nicht weiter!

Ich brauche für ein neues Projekt Bludit, Themes und einige Plugins - keine Chance!

Die Zeit drängt, doch es kümmert sich keiner darum, wenigstens Cloudflare von der Site abzukoppeln.

Gibt es wenigstens weitere Download-Quellen?
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Schau mal da:
Jr. Bludit
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Again, is difficult to reach, and a call is partially acknowledged with timeout. Is this known?
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