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Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:29 pm

Hi there,
New to Bludit. I have just installed the cms and have the admin dashboard up and running. I also changed the url from domain/ to under settings.

I'm facing the following problem. I have a multiple domain cpanel hosting account. My default root folder for my main domain, on which I intend to use bludit, is public_html. This cannot be modified. Addon domains have their own folders like public_html/domain

If I extract all files from the default bludit folder into my root folder public_html the website is shown correctly. But my addon domains would generate an internal server error. On the other hand, if I run bludit from public_html/domain the website will only display from domain/ while addon domains are displayed correctly.

Does anyone have an idea for a solution?
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Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:35 am

Normally the structure is the following: -> /public_html/ (or html, www etc.) -> /public_html/subdomain -> /public_html/

Each domain and subdomain has to point to its directory. For the installation process the name of the directory does not matter.

For example, if you install bludit in the directory you can start the installation process opening in your browser. There is no need to change any path in the settings.

Otherwise there is a misconfiguration of the server.
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