Social Sharing Buttons?

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Jr. Bludit
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I would like to add social sharing buttons to my blog but it seems that all of the download links on the plugin for ridiculously responsive social sharing buttons ( are broken so I can't download the plugin.

Does anyone have alternate links for the plugin or an alternate means of adding social sharing buttons to my website?

Thank you and all the best.
Master Bludit
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Here you will find all plugins. Some Plugins need to be updated to work with v 1.0 (the plugins need the metadata.json file)

You can also go to and copy the snipped and put it into your php-file.
Jr. Bludit
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An easy way is using the HTML Code plugin.
This plugin lets you insert HTML, CSS or JavaScript code in the head metadata, header or footer of your site.

1.-Activate the HTML Code Plugin.
2.- Go to any website supporting social sharing buttons, for example,
3.- Create the social buttons according to your preferences.
4.- Get the code.
5.- Past it on the admin dashboard of the HTML code plugin in the footer section of the website.
6.- Ready to go!
I hope this will be helpful.
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