What is the Limit of Database?

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Jr. Bludit
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I've asked a few questions so far, but I guess I didn't get any answer because I couldn't express myself enough, so hopefully I can make it this time. :D

Now that files belonging to databases look like a normal txt-based file, I wonder what problems this might cause in the long run.

Currently, I have about 450 different articles on my site, but one day I wonder if this will explode in my hand.

Because I had done more than one operation before, my database was completely deleted, fortunately my backup was available. :D

So in a nutshell, pages.php (for example) in the database, how far it can go? Do you have any experience with that?

thanks in advance
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there is no limitation in file size, the only issue could be the memory of your server, but I tried for 10.000 pages, and works fine in a raspberry pi which has 4GB of ram.

The page.php is just metadata of the pages, the content of the page is in another file per page and is not loaded until the user access it.

I have on my todo list create a website with 100.000 pages and show the stats, I hope I will have the time to do it after the release Bludit v4.

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