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Jr. Bludit
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we want to create a small homepage for our village. Most content will be static, but also perhaps some news articles from time to time.

I created some sketches of the idea.

For the homepage/startpage the idea is to have a static img and text on the top to introduce the visitors to the small and lovely town and so on. Below i thought the news articles could appear (in timly order).
Start page
Start page
home.png (54.79 KiB) Viewed 762 times
For the static pages (probably two categories) I thought there could be links for these categories top right. By clicking on them, a static page with links to the sub static pages could appear:
static1.png (36.18 KiB) Viewed 762 times
By clicking on one of the sub statics, there complete content is shown. Optionally with a link list of the other sup statics on the left:
static1a.png (173.14 KiB) Viewed 762 times

Is this somehow possible and what would be best way to achieve this using Bludit?

Thanks for your help and suggestions!
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for sure is possible to do it with Bludit and do some modifications in some of the themes, but you need to hire someone is not going to be free.
You can test different themes and check if someone of them fits your needs.

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