openbsd httpd - Cannot acess subpages

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Jr. Bludit
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I've used Bludit without issues on NetworkSolutions' hosting platform for about a year. I'm migrating to a server that uses OpenBSD's httpd. After doing a fresh install, I can access the index page (domain.tld), but I am unable to access all subpages.

There are two big issues I'm encountering:

1. When I try to access a subpage -- for example, domain.tld/about -- a 404 error displays by the openbsd httpd (NOT thrown by Bludit).

2. When I modify the url -- say, domain.tld/about.php -- it throws an "Access denied" error. It is possible that this is generated by httpd.

From what I can tell, it seems like Bludit isn't playing nicely with httpd. I'm trying to figure out how to solve this. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Things that are working include:
- Domain
- Online
- Permissions (www:www and 0755 for all folders/subfolders)
- Root index page behavior
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looks like is missing the mod_rewrite module for httpd.

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