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Ssr. Bludit
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Hi, yesterday I started writing a plugin for image compression on my knee,which I lacked in Bludit.
I hope the compression feature will be introduced in Bludit in the future.

The idea was to write a full-based plugin for users, but then I got bored.
In the meantime, I made a tool for myself as an intermediate link, I did not find a hook for intercepting image processing, the plugin would have been more stable then.
I wrote about this in an hour and a half, so everything is without OOP, without additional checks with patches (I was writing while learning Bludit internals :D), if you want, you can use it, but I do not promise future support.
It is not even a fact that it will work for you.

Don't look at the code if you don't want to hurt your eyes!
It's even a shame to post it here :oops: . :D
It is very unstable and can break the image loading function if you update Bludit, so I recommend disabling It in advance(from the plugin itself and the control panel.), and then updating.
If something is broken, just delete the plugin and overwrite the file upload-images.bak.php in upload-images.php (bl-kernel/ajax/).
I hope someone with extra time and good knowledge will write a better plugin.
The plugin itself will not be placed on the plugin site, as it is experimental.
You can change mask for file names, f.e your site name at the start.
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