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Hello everyone,

Personal Blog is my first theme for Bludit, It's based on KOH Terminal theme by Fuchs (so many thanks to him).

Download Link: https://yadi.sk/d/Gkm_Dv76Bd6F1w
DEMO: http://pourdaryaei.ir/

## Intro
A simple and clean template for blogging in Bludit.

## Installation
This package includes two themes (LTR and RTL), before you upload it to your server, download it on your personal computer, decompress it and upload the desired package to the server.
See the Bludit documentation for installation steps.
[How to install a theme](https://docs.bludit.com/en/getting-started/themes)

## Credit
Based on KOH_Terminal by [Fuchs](https://twitter.com/koh_fuchs).
You can remove the license from the footer, enjoy it.
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