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Jr. Bludit
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Highway pf / blog theme for bludit


This theme is bundled with a plugin that allows to customise the layout and grid of your theme, along with Instagram plugin to display news feed. You can change the sizes of each posts and in our user guide we share recommendations on how to change ordering of posts and more! Check it out here: https://jellyio.com/bludit/highway/High ... _Guide.pdf

Presentation video: https://youtu.be/Au6GWSuGkmo
Live demo: https://jellyio.com/bludit/highway
Compatibility: Developed on Bludit v3.10.0, but older versions are also supported.

*This is a paid theme and can be obtained from here: https://jellyio.com/shop/bludit/highway

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Ssr. Bludit
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It looks great, well done!
I'm glad to see more theme development for Bludit. That's something very much needed to make Bludit more attractive to the general public in my opinion.
I'm working on a few myself but that's only for personal needs and they're likely quite badly coded, I'm (sadly) not competent enough to make themes for other people.
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