[Plugin + Theme] paw.designer Plugin + fur.zerendo Theme

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Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:17 pm


I wrote a small theme environment extension AND plugin for the Bludit CMS. I started this project before I knew, that there is already an official project to allow theme settings. Nevertheless, I thought I release it until the official implementation gets published.

paw.designer - Theme environment

The paw.designer theme environment extends the bludit system with some helpful and additional procedural functions and methods. It allows also to set configurations and menu positions, which the user can change either by editing the theme.php file directly OR by using the paw.designer plugin. The plugin is completely optional and stores the configurations and the menu arrays within the database.

... for Theme Developers

As theme developer you need to include the paw-designer.func.php file inside your template and load them within your init.php file. You can use the following snippet:

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    // Include the paw-designer.func.php file from your template directory
The configurations and menu settings should be done within the theme.php file (directly in the root directory of your template), but it is also possible to define an own file to handle the respective settings and menu arrays. To enable the support for the paw.designer plugin, you also need to define the paw.designer key within your metadata.json file. Check out the documentation for more informations.

... for Theme Users

Plugin users just need to include the paw.designer folder to their bludit-plugins directory. Enable the plugin on the "Bludit Administration" and visit the new Menu Item "Theme Designer". You also need to include paw.designer compatible themes, of course!




fur.zerendo - Demonstration Theme

I wrote a small demonstration template to test and show the API and plugin configuration pages, the theme is called "fur.zerendo". It offers 3 settings (Color Scheme, Header Image and "Posts" parent) as well as 2 menu positions (one of them allows up to 3 levels), which can be completely configured using the paw.designer plugin. The theme itself is also responsive designed and, as already mentioned, available in 2 color schemes (white and black). It is inspired by Diego's Massively template.


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Jr. Bludit
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Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:16 pm

nice work,
I downloaded both and activated the theme and the plugin, but I can't see anything in the backend or change anything. I'm using the newest version of bludit.
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