Q: Happy Buddha - how to change 'width' of main text page area?

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Jr. Bludit
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I am new user of Bludit, and very happy so far to find such a neat tool.

I'm testing a small site build / just moving content over from a small wordpress site. So far it is going well.

Just one thing, which I am hoping is obvious to CSS experts, but that is not me.

I'm playing with the "Happy Buddha" Theme and it is 'almost perfect' for what I want. One small tweak I am hoping to achieve..

-- no right-hand-edge 'extra content' like tags, menu, keywords, etc.
-- just a simple page layout, with header menu, header image, <MAIN PAGE BODY> which ideally will use ~full width of available area; and small footer.

So right now I am missing only the fact that - the template appears to reserve 'page width' on the right-hand edge; with the ?assumption? that we will always have some stuff in this area.

I dug into some of the php and css content of the template and can't see how to change the logic so that I may simply use the full width for my 'body content'.

If anyone is kind enough to give me a pointer where to make a tweak to accommodate this sort of adjustment, it would be very greatly appreciated.


Tim Chipman
Ssr. Bludit
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Hi Tim,

suche mal in den CSS-Dateien nach "max-width".
Änderungen solltest Du Dir notieren!

Jr. Bludit
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Joined: Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:23 pm

Thanks for the suggestion!

I banged my head against the CSS for a while, and then dug in and made this tweak, which appears to use current CSS and just designates the new layout for the main content panel:

Code: Select all

edit this file, vi index.php

in this locatoin,

root@vps206379:/var/www/webroot-for-site/bl-themes/happybuddha# pwd

such that:

        <div id="content-left" class="nine columns">

        <div id="content-left" class="twelve columns">

Seems to do what I wanted, and does not appear to break other things.


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