Latest Typerite theme not responsive?

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Jr. Bludit
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seems the latest "Typerite" theme has a problem of responsiveness. ;)
On desktops it looks fine - but on smartphones not. Yesterday I have tested with different iPhones.
The menu bar has dissappeared. The results were on static pages better than on dynamic pages.

In Safari Desktop Browsers you can´t find the search icon on the right side (wide view). .

Does anyone know what could be the cause?

Master Bludit
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I also use this theme, but I don’t have such problems. Can you show me a link to your page to check?
Sr. Bludit
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I can't reproduce that problem.
Have you tried "Responsive design mode" in Safari [control] + [command] + R
The try to locate the problem, by open the web inspector [option] + [command] + U
Them activate the element selection tool [shift] + [command] + C point your mouse to where the problem is, and check the code in the web inspector, maybe that can give you a hint to why it's not working correctly.
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